Faction leader application

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Faction leader application

Post  Admin on Mon Jun 13, 2011 5:53 pm

In-game there are some organisations like mafia,FBI,police,etc. called factions.
If you want to become a leader of a specific application just reply to this topic.
The factions are:
1.L.S.P.D(Los Santos Police Department) ID:1
2.F.B.I (Federal Bureau of Investigation) ID:2
3.L.S.A (Los Santos Army) ID:3
4.L.S.M.D (Los Santos Medical Deparment) ID:4
5.Los Surenos 13 (gang) ID:5
6.La Famigla Sinatra (gang) ID:6
7.Los Santos Government ID:7
8.Hitmans ID:8
9.News Reporter ID:9
10.Los Santos taxi Co ID:10
11.Licensing Center ID:11
12.L.S.F.D (Los Santos Fire Department) ID:12
13.Sons of Anarchy (motorcycle gang) ID:13
14.Yamaguchi (gang) ID:14
15.Chornaya Bratva (gang) ID:15
16.La Vice (gang) ID:16

If you want to join a faction without becoming a leader,contact the leader of faction In-game.


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